Ask The Blogger: Amelia

In February of this year, I reached out to the blogging community to ask if any fellow bloggers were interested in being interviewed as part of a new series on my blog. One blogger who reached out was Amelia, also known as Amelia In Hull. Amelia is a teenage UK-based lifestyle blogger who blogs mostly about her hometown, Hull.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I decided to start a blog because ever since I was a young child, writing has been something that I have always loved to do. I was constantly story writing from a young age and creative writing is a great passion of mine. But up until my later years of primary school (when I was about 10), I had not really stepped out into the field of non fiction writing. I can just remember that our teacher asked us to write a newspaper report about the death of this girl in the fictional book we were reading as a class and I enjoyed writing the report so much. That is where I started to wonder if I could have a career in non fiction writing, even possibly in writing newspaper reports as a journalist. So I would say that the main reasons I started a blog were to practice my non fiction writing for the future and because I genuinely love writing so much.

Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts from?

My inspiration for a lot of my blog posts comes from my love of Hull and of travelling. More specifically, if I go to an event or cafe, often that inspires me to write a review on it and share it with my followers.

Is blogging your full time career? If not, what is your current job?

I wish blogging was my current job! That would be amazing. I am still in school at the moment but I am beginning to choose my desired career path. I definitely would like to go into a career in English but I do not want to be too specific right now and narrow my options. For now, I am just focusing on passing my exams and my blog!

Describe your blog in three words.

I would say… cultural, interesting and unique (although we are lucky enough that everyone’s blogs are unique and special in their own way).

What is your favourite post that you have written?

What a hard question! It is like being asked to choose your favourite child. As of right now, I have two favourite posts: Fagin’s Twist Performance and One Day Maybe Event. I love Fagin’s Twist Performance because I loved that event and that meant the post flowed out of me and was easy to write. I love One Day Maybe Event because I cannot remember working as hard on any of my posts as I did on that one. My hard work paid off in the end and now I have a beautiful piece of writing which I am so proud of!

What is one of your biggest strengths that has helped you to be a successful blogger?

I think interacting in the blogging community is so important. I have to say that I have not been great at doing that recently because of all the exams I am currently revising for but I would say by supporting other people’s blogs, that will help you to become a successful blogger.

What makes a successful post in your opinion?

Such a difficult question! For me personally, I think if you have worked hard on it, poured your heart and soul and now you are proud of it, then it is a successful post. It does not matter how it is perceived by others or even if it is not as popular as some of your other posts, if you believe it is written and turned out the exact way you wanted it to, then it is a successful post.

What is a milestone you would like to achieve this year?

I would definitely love to reach at least 800 followers! As I write this, I am currently so close to 700! I would love to believe I could reach 1000 followers by the end of this year but I honestly do not know if that is too much of an ambitious goal.

What is one lesson that blogging has taught you?

One lesson that blogging has taught me is that sometimes you have to work hard to create something that you are proud of. I am lucky that a lot of things in life have come easy for me so it has been good for me to have to work hard at my blog to create content that I am proud of. It is so rewarding in the end as well.

Who has influenced your blog the most?

I would say so many people have influenced my blog overall such as my amazing fellow bloggers, my family and the artists and teams behind the incredible art work and events I have seen in the past.

Thank you to Amelia for agreeing to be part of my series and good luck with becoming a writer, whatever type of writer you decide to be. You can check out her blog here, her Pinterest here, her Twitter here or her Facebook page here. If you are interested in being interviewed for the next instalment, please leave a comment below.


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