Dear My 23 Year Old Self

Dear Future Me,

First of all, Happy 23rd Birthday! You are now officially closer to 25 years old than 20.

It is currently the 10th of February 2019 as I am writing this from my part-time Sunday Clinical Receptionist role. Happy one month anniversary of turning 22!

Once again, you decided not to set any official New Year’s Resolutions this year as the idea of not completing them still makes you feel anxious. However, same as last year, there are a few things I would like you to have done by this time next year.

Gotten a gym membership. At the moment you are either working out at home or going to your local bouldering centre but it is time to progress to free weights and get generally stronger, especially around your shoulders. Now that you have moved in with your boyfriend who enjoys going to the gym, you have someone who you can go with and help ease some of the social anxiety you feel.

Cook at least once a week from scratch. At the moment your boyfriend enjoys cooking for the both of you but it would be nice if you could share the responsibility. You know how to cook, you would not have survived University otherwise, so take the time to try new recipes and cook for both of you.

Do an activity at least once a week that makes you happy. Now that you have a full-time job, I want you to take some time every week to do something that will make you happier whether that is buying yourself a coffee or going to a concert. Do not let yourself revert back to the negative mind-set you were in a year ago.

Stop taking your medication. At the moment you are taking an anti-depressant and will be until you have completed six months with little to none major depressive episodes. You will be turning 23 in 11 months time so I am hoping that by then, you will have come off the medication.

Gotten a Physiotherapy job or applied for one. You graduated in July 2018 and have subsequently decided to take a year away from Physiotherapy, working as a Clinical Receptionist full-time during this year. However, Physiotherapy is your dream job so I am hopeful that you will either be thinking about applying or have applied for a Physiotherapy job by the time you are 23.

Well wishes always,



  1. OMG this is so so precious and positive and vulnerable and I LOVE IT!!! I get crazy social anxiety going to the gym too, it’s so annoying! My goal is to work out at home more often 😦 HERE’S TO MAKING YOUR DREAM JOB HAPPEN IN THE NEXT YEAR, I believe in you love! So glad to know you’re in a better place! And also, get all the coffee your heart wants, you deserve to treat yourself!! ❤

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  2. Love this! It’s so nice to just write letters to yourself, especially to look back on as well. I definitely recommend finding an activity, mine is dancing so that just gives me something every week where I can forget about work or my masters xx

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    • Thank you! I am hoping to try classes over the next few months to figure out what I love. I actually did dance till I was about 14 but always felt so clumbsy next to all the other thin and graceful girls. xx

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