Reading Assumptions About Me

Recently it has been a trend on YouTube where YouTubers ask their users to anonymously submit assumptions that they have about them and they will discuss them on camera. I thought it would be a really fun way of seeing what my readers assume about me from my blog posts so asked for your assumptions in a previous blog post.

You would like to be full-time vegetarian

I have actually been a full-time vegetarian since late last year and recently completed Veganuary where you eat plant-based for an entire month. I had been flexitarian since the first year of University where I was vegetarian at home but would eat meat when eating out but I made the decision to finally go vegetarian in September 2018.

You wish Taylor Swift tickets would be cheaper

Most definitely! I paid just under £100 for one ticket to see her perform live on her previous tour, Reputation, which is the equivalent of almost a full day’s work or one week’s rent! I have loved Taylor Swift since her Fearless tour but cannot justify the ticket prices any longer.

You are a huge animal lover

I do love animals but I would not consider myself a huge animal lover. I was actually terrified of dogs and cats for about 7 years until I was 16 years old and still find myself a bit wary when visiting people’s homes who have pets. However, I do have a dog called Mungo and would love to get a hamster, much to my family’s horror!

You love travelling and want to travel as much as possible

I would love to travel more and visit new countries but I am also very much a homebody. I love having a routine and having my own place where I can relax. I have social anxiety which means that sometimes travelling can be a stressful and draining experience for me but with the right people and places, I love it. In the next few years, I would love to push my boundaries and travel further.

You met your boyfriend through online dating

I met my boyfriend through the online dating app Bumble but we actually grew up in neighbouring villages so there is a chance that we may have crossed paths before and never even known it! We even have a few mutual friends. It truly is a small world.

Comment below and I will tell you one assumption I have about you!

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash


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