15 Things to Include on Your Winter Bucket-list

In June 2018, I uploaded a post titled ‘15 Things to Include on Your Summer Bucket-list‘ where I listed 15 activities that everyone should aim to achieve during summer. Since we are now halfway through winter, I decided to create a winter-version of 15 activities you should complete during winter, if you have not already.

This post is in collaboration with Pauline. Pauline is a LA based lifestyle blogger who blogs about her life, travel and photography, very similarly to myself. Two of my favorite photography posts of hers are her two most recent: Sunsets on the Road and In-flight Photography to JFK. She has traveled around Europe quite a bit including Italy, Spain, France, England and The Netherlands. I have never visited Verona before so one of my favorite travel posts of hers is her Verona blog post. She is uploading a post with my recommended 15 activities to add to your winter bucket-list so you should check out her post here or keep reading for Pauline’s list.

  1. Finish a jigsaw puzzle
  2. Rent out a cabin with your friends for the weekend
  3. Light a pine scented candle
  4. Go skiing or snowboarding
  5. Stock up on turtlenecks and winter boots
  6. Redecorate your home with winter decorations
  7. Try eggnog
  8. Have a photo-shoot with your friends in the snow
  9. Binge watch the Harry Potter movies
  10. Make peppermint hot chocolate
  11. Have a baking party and make gingerbread cookies
  12. Go on a picnic with blankets and watch the sunrise
  13. Go to a winter farmer’s market
  14. Discover your new favourite brunch place
  15. Spend all day in plaid pajamas

What is on your winter bucket-list?

Photo by Tomo Nogi on Unsplash


    • I think most of the winter ice skating rinks have closed now but definitely go next winter. Or find a year-round ice rink like Guildford and practice your skills there so you can smash it come November 2019! xx

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