My 22nd Birthday

On the 10th January 2019, I turned 22 years old. I was fortunate enough to have two days dedicated to my Birthday celebrations – one with my two best friends and one with my family and boyfriend – so I thought I would write a post detailing how I celebrated my birthday.

Thursday 10th January 2019

I was fortunate enough to be able to get my birthday off work again this year, probably the last year that I will be able to do so, so I was able to spend the entire day celebrating with my boyfriend, who also had the day off work.

The day started off with breakfast at Where The Pancakes Are in London Bridge, where we had, you guessed it, pancakes! If you read my 21st Birthday post from last year, then you will know that this is where I had breakfast last year too. I even ordered the same thing, simple sweet pancakes, but with banana and maple syrup instead of chocolate.

Stuffed full with pancakes, my boyfriend and I then went bouldering at our local climbing centre before heading home to get changed ready for the evening celebrations. The night began at BYOC, a cocktail bar in Camden, where you bring your own bottle of alcohol and the barman will make you unlimited cocktails using that bottle of alcohol for two hours. Be warned, you will get drunk very quickly!

The night ended at The Blacksmith and Toffeemaker, a vegan pub in Angel that I have spoken off often. I have often praised their vegan macaroni and cheese, claiming it was one of the best I have ever had. They have recently changed the recipe but I love it nonetheless. For dessert, my boyfriend surprised me with a vegan chocolate velvet cake which was delicious.

Saturday 12th January 2019

This evening, I met up with my two best friends Grace and Anna for a Birthday meal out. We originally planned to go to Zizzi’s but unfortunately it was fully booked so we decided to eat at Bill’s instead. They were running a Veganuary promotion where they had a set vegan menu including dhal and coconut ice cream, both of which were nice but I definitely needed the ice cream after the dhal.

I had a lovely time celebrating my birthday with my two best friends, my family and my boyfriend and was incredibly spoiled. Thank you to all that made my birthday special and a day to remember.

How did you spend your birthday?


    • Thank you! I had actually never heard about it until my boyfriend mentioned it for my birthday. It is fairly steep with £30 only for the mixers but it is part of the whole experience and we easily had 4-6 cocktails each in those 2 hours, which would have otherwise cost about £40-£60 at a bar.


    • Definitely! The drinks are fairly strong but they are also so tasty so you do not notice. I think it depends on how bottles of alcohol you bought and how many people in a group – we have a bottle of vodka between two of us so we got quite drunk! xx

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  1. […] January is also my birthday month. I was fortunate enough to once again have two birthday celebrations this year: one with my boyfriend and family and one with my best friends. On my actual birthday, Thursday 10th January, my boyfriend and I both had the day off work so we started the day by having pancakes for breakfast at Where The Pancakes Are followed by bouldering, drinks at a cocktail bar where we proceeded to get quite drunk and dinner at my favourite vegan pub, The Blacksmith and Toffeemaker. Two days later, on Saturday 12th January, I met up with my two best friends, Anna and Grace, for dinner at Bill’s. You can read about my 22nd birthday celebrations here. […]


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