23 Things To Do Before 23

On my 21st Birthday, I wrote a list of 22 things I wanted to complete before I turned 22. Since I had so much fun trying to complete all 22 items, I wanted to write a list of 23 things to complete before my 23rd birthday. Check out last year’s post here or keep reading for this year’s list.


Complete Veganuary

Veganuary involves eating plant-based as much as possible during the month of January. This is something that I have wanted to complete for the past two years but now that I am no longer a student, I am excited to finally complete it and discover new vegan dishes. January is the perfect time to try eating plant-based as many companies offer limited-time menus and deals as part of Veganuary.

Visit All The Restaurants in Time Out’s Vegan-Friendly Box

In September 2018, my boyfriend Tom purchased Time Out’s Vegan-Friendly Box where you get 50% off at 8 London-based vegan-friendly restaurants. We have used some of them but I am excited to visit the remainder of the restaurants.

Try 6 New Fitness Classes

Fitness is a habit that I would like to adopt this year. Now that I am (hopefully) going to have a routine during the week and living in one place, I am excited to introduce fitness into my life. I have yet to discover a fitness class that I love so I decided to push myself to try multiple classes and/or activities to discover my personal favourite.

Hike Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England at 978 metres above sea level. I have never hiked a mountain before and Scafell Pike seems to be the best mountain to start with, perhaps working my way up to hiking Ben Nevis and Snowden in 2020.

Complete The 30 Day Meditation Challenge

In a recent video, Lucie Fink mentioned a 30 day meditation challenge she is currently completing, where she starts with 1 minute of meditation on the first day and increases it by 1 minute every day, up to 30 minutes on the final day. This sounds like a good way to introduce meditation into my daily routine.


Visit Liverpool

Liverpool is one of a few places that I have never visited in England. I actually was invited to a Hen Do there  three years ago but unfortunately was unable to attend. One of my favourite bloggers, Sophie Rosie, lives there and her portrayal of the city through Instagram has inspired me to visit this year.

Visit Dublin

On my list last year, I said that I wanted to visit Ireland since I had never been before but unfortunately, the opportunity never arose. Therefore, I decided to add it to this year’s list since I still would like to visit.

Visit The Isle of Wight

My primary school was one of a seemingly few schools that never had a school trip to The Isle of Wight, meaning that I have never been. This year, I would like to visit, mostly to see what all the fuss is about.


Try 6 New Hobbies

Inspired by Try Living with Lucie, where Lucie Fink will try a new hobby for 5 days at a time, I would like to try 6 new hobbies before I turn 23.

Learn Calligraphy

When I was younger, my parents bought me a calligraphy set but unfortunately, due to the high demands of secondary school, I never got to use it. Inspired by Lucie Fink’s 5 Days of Calligraphy video, I would love to learn more about the art of calligraphy.

Take A Photography Class

I love taking photographs but they do not always come out exactly as I pictured so I would love to take a class to learn about the composure of photographs and how to improve my current photography skills, including how to use the manual settings on a camera.

Learn How To Make A Vegan Carbonara

In 2018, I tried to find the perfect vegan macaroni cheese recipe and therefore, in 2019, I would like to try to find the perfect vegan carbonara recipe since it used to be my favourite meal pre-vegetarianism.

Learn How To Make 3 Cocktails

I love cocktails! Every time I visit a bar or restaurant, I always want to order a cocktail but often these are quite expensive compared to non-alcoholic beverages, beer or cider and therefore I would like to learn how to make 3 cocktails at home to curb my craving without breaking the bank.

Start A Travel Journal

I have had a scrapbook since I was as young as 11 but over the past few years, I have found that it has fallen in my list of priorities as education and work has come first. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to start a travel journal, combining my love of writing and scrap-booking to document my travels over the next few years.


See Harry Potter & The Cursed Child at the Theatre

Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life ever since the first book was released and I am excited to see the final installment in the series in the Theatre this year, having read the screenplay in 2018.

See Waitress at the Theatre

This is a show that I have seen advertised on billboards recently that has sparked my interest and therefore I would love to see it in the Theatre this year.

See Hayley Kiyoko Live

I have been a fan of Hayley Kiyoko since Lemonade Mouth was released and having missed out on getting tickets to her previous show, I am excited to finally see her live next month.

Read 25 Books

A benefit of having my birthday so close to New Year’s Eve is that I can combine my New Year’s Resolutions with my Birthday Bucket-List. In 2019, it is my goal to read 25 books.


Move Out (Again!)

When I graduated from University last summer, I moved back in with my parents to save money whilst I applied for full-time jobs. Now that I will (hopefully) have a full-time job, I am excited to move into my own flat again.

Complete The Zip Line in Bermondsey

I love adventure and since this zip-line has been labelled as the world’s fastest and longest inner-city zip-line, I am excited to try it and give my verdict.

Practice Driving

I passed my Driving Test in December 2015 but since I have lived in London for the past three years, I have not driven as much as I should have since then. This year I want to practice driving and become a more confident driver.

Reach 1000 Followers

1000 followers is the next milestone for me after reaching 500 followers earlier last year. I currently have 916 followers so I am hopeful that I will achieve this goal over the next few months.

Meet A Blogger Friend

Last year, I met my Internet Best Friend of 4 years in Amsterdam and therefore this year, I would love to either attend a Blogger Meet-up or meet a fellow blogger. If you live in England and would like to meet up at some point this year, please feel free to message me.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2019?


  1. I was also one of those schools that never got to go to the Isle of Wight haha! Also I really want to see the Harry Potter in theatre but I just haven’t got round to booking it yet. Also one of my personal goals is to attend a blogger event or meet up with UK bloggers, just to gain more confidence and talk to other bloggers xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • We booked in October for tickets in July but I know they release tickets every week for upcoming shows.
      I was fortunate enough to be invited to a blogger meet-up at The Body Shop so fingers crossed I can find something similar this year. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list!! I’m excited to see you accomplish this list and can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to find some skill and fitness classes to attend just for fun as well! Insanely jealous of your potential Dublin trip… Ireland is definitely one of the countries I’d love to visit sooner than later.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re so close to 1000 followers! I bet you’ll surpass this goal easily. I had a great time in Liverpool! I did a lot of the cheesy Beatles tour stuff and ate fish and chips every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this so much – I’ve read a lot of these kind of posts recently and in so many the goals seem repeated or copied, yours are all so personal to you and I adore that! I hope you manage to cross everything off this year – Dublin is beautiful (you will love it), the Cursed child is the most magical of experiences (I went last year and loved every second!) and you will reach 1000 in no time!! Can’t wait to read more of your blog this year xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These are such an amazing list of goals and I know you are going to smash every single one! I love how unique these goals are, some can be so predictable and repetetive so I loved this!! I used to work with someone who done calligraphy and it was the prettiest thing, I was so jealous! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I did use the Internet for inspiration but tried to be as original as possible and think about what I wanted to achieve this year.
      I am so jealous whenever someone has pretty handwriting – it makes whatever they are writing look instantly more interesting. xx


  6. Good luck with all these goals! I’m sure you’ll hit 1000 really soon you’re so close! Would love to meet up with you at some point in the year my mum would probably have to come as well though since I’m under 18 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I would love to meet up with you. Let me know if you are ever in London and I will let you know if I am ever around Hull. No worries about your parents, I would much rather you be safe!! xx


  7. YES to Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – I saw this last year and it blew my mind so much that Matt and I are going again in July!

    Your goals are always so unique and fun and I love that they can be both big and small things – you will smash it !

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Great list! I’d love to learn calligraphy too! And I highly recommend starting a travel journal! I’ve been using one for the past year and I love it! It make me remember every day and even details I would’ve forgotten otherwise! 😁
    Good luck for achieving your list! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Love this! I’m feeling inspired to do a similar post / panicked that I’m turning 25 this year, argh! You definitely should visit Liverpool – I lived there for 3 years and it’s my favourite place in the UK for sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You definitely should! 25 sounds so old to me now but I know that I will still feel as inexperienced as I do now then!
      That is so cool! Is a part of Liverpool you would recommed staying in? Overwhelmed by the choice of locations!


  10. What a great idea! I never thought about the things I really want to do and hold myself accountable for them by writing them down. I might try this for next year. But one of my goals is to reach 100 followers by the end of this year as I am still new to blogging. So one goal is very similar 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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