Top Bloggers of 2018

Christmas Countdown: 8 Days Till Christmas 

Since we are only 14 days away from the end of 2018, I thought it would be the perfect time to list my favourite Bloggers and Vloggers of 2018. I have discovered so many new blogs over the past few months that I have been loving, so please do not be offended if I have not included you, but these are a few bloggers I have been loving since the start of January 2018.

This post in in collaboration with Amy as part of her Blogmas. Amy is an example of one blogger that I have discovered over the past few months through a Blogger Secret Santa. I am excited to get to know her better through her Blogmas posts. Check out her post here. 


Jamie is a lifestyle blogger who uploads a blog post three times a week as well as uploading on her YouTube channel. Jamie was actually one of the very first bloggers I ever followed when I joined WordPress over a year ago and I have loved her blog ever since. What I love about Jamie is how genuinely nice she is, especially as she is one of the bigger bloggers I follow, how she always finds time to read and comment on my posts and how relatable she is – she never pretends to be someone she is not. 


Ann-Kathrin is a lifestyle blogger who uploads daily whenever she can. What I love about Ann-Kathrin is how positive she is in all of her posts and whenever I interact with her outside of WordPress, as well as how much variety there is in her blog posts. She will tell you herself that she often gets obsessions and this is reflected in her blogs posts. Two of her currently obsessions is the colour yellow and face masks. She is currently completing Blogmas and I adore the way she has organised her Blogmas posts like an advert calendar. 


Phoebe is a 22 year old lifestyle blogger who is currently residing in Bath. I have said previously how similar we appear to be as I absolutely adore her style, from her writing style to her fashion choices to the interior design of her flat. I am in awe of her Photography and how she somehow always manages to look cute and well-put-together in all of her photographs. 


Chloe is a lifestyle blogger who also currently resides in Bath. I am ashamed of how long it took me to realize that her and Phoebe are real-life friends. I love Chloe’s blog because of how honest she is in all of her posts and how she is not afraid to speak her mind. She sometimes blogs about seemingly controversial topics but always seems to handle them perfectly. I also love her Instagram and appreciate how hard she must work on it. 

Alisha Marie

Alisha is a lifestyle YouTuber and almost daily Vlogger. What I love about her videos are her infectious positive attitude and the effort she puts into both her main channel and vlog channel. Oh and her cute puppy!

Monica Church

Monica is a lifestyle YouTuber and Vlogger. I love her Vlog Channel most, Millenial Life Crisis, where she uploads vlogs of her life. What I love about Monica is how even her vlogs are a work of art and also how relatable they are: she goes through many of the same struggles as me as well as several other 20-something year old woman. We are both in a similar place in our lives so I find myself relating to her more than other Vloggers.

Shelby Church

Similar to her sister Monica, Shelby is a lifestyle YouTuber and Vlogger. It has only been this past year that I have fallen in love with her Vlogs whilst her sister and her have lived apart from the first time. Shelby is similar to Monica in many ways, including her love of film and photography, but she is also her own person which really comes across in her Vlogs.

Who is your favourite blogger or vlogger of 2018? 


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