A Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Christmas Countdown: 22 Days Till Christmas 

Today is the 3rd of December which means that it is officially 22 days until Christmas Day and time is running out to purchase Christmas presents for your friends and family. With that in mind, I decided to upload two Gift Guides: one for him and one for her. Whilst I have split the Gift Guides according to gender, this does not mean that you cannot purchase presents for the opposite gender from the Gift Guides. Since I struggle to think of presents for the men in my life more than I struggle to think of presents for the women in my life, I decided to upload this Gift Guide first with the Gift Guide for Her being uploaded later this week.

Personalized Song Wave Print

Perfect for music lovers, this present allows you to print their favourite song in the form of soundwaves in high resolution onto thick card. You are able to change the background colour, foil colour and the message beneath the print in order to customize it for your loved one.

Shave Away Kit

Perfect for any man who shaves on a regular basis, this present consists of a maca root and aloe softening shaving cream, a wooden shave brush and a pocket square to keep skin soft, smooth and clean despite regular shaves. My boyfriend actually purchased this kit for himself and he loves it.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Who does not love a hot chocolate on a cold Winter’s night?! Whitton’s offers a wide variety of hot chocolate flavours so no matter their preference, there will be a flavour they will love. Personally, I love the sound of the Caramel Hot Chocolate and the Rocky Road Hot Chocolate.

Vacuum Travel Coffee Mug

In order to reduce the number of singularly used coffee cups, many coffee establishments have been offering discounts if you bring your own coffee cup from home. This Vacuum Travel Coffee Mug not only keeps your coffee hot for 12 hours but it is also 100% leak-proof, which means you can keep it in your bag all day without having to worry about leakages. Not a coffee drinker? This travel mug also keeps liquids cold for 8 hours.


Perfect for food-lovers, the Tastecard offers a 50% or a 2 for 1 discount at over 6100 restaurants within the UK. Popular restaurants included in the deal are Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Zizzi’s, Prezzo and Frankie & Benny’s.

Personalized Beer Glass

Whether he is a beer drinker or not, this personalized beer glass can be used to hold a wide selection of liquids, no matter his usual drink of choice. A tankard not for you? You could personalize a pint glass or a wine glass.

A Gift Hamper

Perfect for fans of TV shows, movie franchises or sports, a Gift Hamper is the perfect way to show someone how well you know them. Simply take a shoebox or a basket and fill it with a selection of gifts related to their TV show, movie franchise or favourite sports team. For example, for Liverpool supporters, you could fill the box with items that are the colour red, making sure to include at least one item with the official logo on. You could even fill it with their favourites sweets such as Spiffing Sweets which are vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free. Check out Chloe’s post here for more information on the brand.

Gift Card

Recently, I feel like Gift Cards have become that gift you get someone you do not know that well. However, as long as you purchase a Gift Card you know the person will love and use, I believe that Gift Cards can be the perfect gift or at least an adjunct to another gift. Gift Cards enable them to be able to choose their own present, something that they will be love and use, and perhaps enable them to buy something they would not have had the money or motivation to buy previously.

52 Things I Love About You

Perfect for that special man in your life, this is a small but personalized way to show them how much you care. Simply take a pack of cards and write a different reason why you love them on each card. Now every time you decide to play cards, you are reminded of your love for one another and it means that no one will be ‘borrowing’ your pack of cards anytime!

An Experience

Recently, with minimalism becoming more of a trend, presents have been shifting from material gifts to experiences. These experiences could be a chance to try something new or to experience together something that you both love. Common experiences purchased include paintballing, indoor skydiving, go karting and driving on a race course.

What have you bought for the man in your life?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


    • I am so impressed by the fact that I have managed to buy all of my presents for Christmas already. I hope this post gave you inspiration. Unfortunately I could not use my own ideas as my boyfriend reads this post. xx

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