I Met My Best Friend Online

The first time I messaged one of my best friends was four years ago, on the 6th of October 2014. We shared a mutual love of One Direction and although we ourselves were not mutuals, meaning we follow each other on social media, we both followed some of the same accounts. We were introduced to one another via a tweet from an account we both followed, under the hashtag findafriendwithel.

We have all been warned time and time again of the dangers of talking to strangers on the Internet. We have all received emails from foreign countries asking for money or have been told the horror stories of young girls meeting up with someone they met online, only for him to have catfished them and not be the young gentleman they were expecting. Despite all of these warnings, I could not help but pour my heart and soul out to this girl, telling her about my day, my sorrows and my wishes for the future.

Three months after we first started talking was my 18th Birthday and she asked if she could send me a present to help me celebrate. I was so excited when the parcel came, all the way from The Netherlands.

Following this, we had our very first Skype call which lasted for a couple of hours. It was so weird to finally put a face and voice to a username but I was relieved to find she was exactly how I had imagined her. Despite being Dutch, her English was as perfect as it was over messenger, although she definitely had a Dutch accent.

Almost four years later and we finally met for the first time this summer when I visited Amsterdam for the first time. I was nervous before the meeting itself, scared that the chemistry that we had online would not correspond to real life or that I would not like her, aware that we all only show our best personas online. But it was the perfect meeting and I had an amazing time. I hope we will meet again shortly.

Here’s to Internet Friends, the friends not limited by time or distance.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash


    • Thank you. Haha I never would have pegged you for a Harry Potter fan girl! I used to have a 5 Seconds of Summer fan account and that is how I met the majority of my Internet Friends, Ymke included.


  1. Eeee this was such a lovely read, I actually made a lot of my internet friends through One Direction in 2010 (and the years following) and we’re still best friends to this day, it’s crazy to think we’ve been inseparable for 8 years all because of a band we saw on the TV that then brought us together from all over the world. We used to send each other letters and presents and everything, I still have them all and it’s so nice to look back on them now. I have really fond memories of that time. It’s crazy how things work xx

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    • Thank you. I met most of my Internet Friends through 5 Seconds of Summer so I know exactly how you feel! It’s so weird now because I no longer listen to their music as much or follow their every move like I used to but yet we have all remained friends. xx

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  2. I met my best friend through blogging! I found her blog while stumbling across some tags and loved how authentic she was. We started leaving comments back and forth, and eventually started emailing… and that led to adding each other on Facebook and exchanging contact details. After 2-3 years of chatting online via Skype and all, I headed over to New Zealand (from Canada) to meet up and it was the best two weeks of my life. We’re still friends to this day!

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    • That is such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing. I am so glad you finally managed to meet her in person because it is definitely not the same hugging someone through the computer.


  3. That’s such a sweet and lovely story of friendship! I’ve also made a friend online a few years ago over our love of TVD, and have now met her a few times when she’s travelled to London and consider her a very close friend of mine whom I can tell anything to! It’s the best xx

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