My Day in Pictures: Beyond Meat Burger and NFL Game

A month ago, Jamie tagged me to share a day in my life in pictures. You can check out her post here where she shares her weekend spent at the Big E or keep reading to hear about my day.

The Sunday started out like every other Sunday. I was woken up by my alarm at 7.15am, reminding me that it was time to wake up and get ready for another day of work. For those of you who do not know, I have worked Sundays as a Clinical Receptionist for a Sports Medical Company since my second year of University as it fitted perfectly around my studies.

Luckily for me, today was only a half day since I had taken the afternoon as annual leave, so at 11.45am, it was time to catch the train back home. After a quick shower and change of clothes, I was ready to head to King’s Cross for a late lunch with my boyfriend Tom. We had previously decided to have lunch at Honest Burger at King’s Cross since they are currently trialing their first ever 100% vegan burger in collaboration with Beyond Meat until the end of October. The burger was incredible, it was the closest vegan burger I have tasted to a beef burger, with a similar texture to a Linda McCartney burger. Along with the burger came rosemary fries, which I was not a particular fan of, and I also ordered a glass of wine.

Following lunch, we headed to Wetherspoons in St Pancreas to have a drink and dessert. I ordered a mini cookie dough sandwich and mini chocolate brownie, my treat for allowing myself to be dragged to an NFL game.

This year, three NFL games are being held in London Wembley and we were fortunate enough to be going to see the first game, the Seattle Seahawks versus the Oakland Raiders, the former of whom we both support. Tom had shown me a few games prior to this one so I knew how the game was played but it was a totally different experience watching it live. It was definitely colder than I expected, wearing only a jumper and a tunic, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. And to make the evening even better, Seahawks won 27-3!


  1. Tell me about your day in pictures (preferably your own pictures).
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How did you spend your weekend?


    • I have never been into watching sports for the most part but because the plays are so quick with NFL, I find it perfect for my short attention span! I would recommend Honest Burgers, the Beyond Meat burger was so good (sadly, it is no longer on offer) but their other burgers are really nice too (according to my boyfriend). Thank you for reading. xx

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  1. […] In October, I attended my first NFL game at Wembley Stadium. My boyfriend Tom is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and therefore introduced me to the game too. I have never considered myself to be a sports-lover but the plays are so quick that you have to stay focused. You can check out my post on the game here.  […]


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