A Day In My Life: Grace’s 21st Birthday

Every year, I organize a Birthday Day-Out for my best friend Grace and this year was no exception. You can check out her 19th and 20th Birthday Day-Outs on her blog, from mini golf at Swingers, brunch at The Breakfast Club and afternoon tea at The Tea Terrace.

This year, since we have been blessed with sunny weather recently, I thought it would be fun to recreate some photos I found on Instagram at famous landmarks in central London. I scoured Instagram for 15 creative photos which I then printed out and folded up so we could each pick 5 photos to recreate. I had such a fun day and I hope Grace did too and she loved the idea as much as I did. It is safe to say she did not guess what we were doing for the day!

How do you think we did? Credit to the original Instagram accounts. 


  1. […] For Grace’s 21st Birthday, my friend Anna and I planned a London-based photograph scavenger hunt. The idea was that we would each pick 5 photos from a bowl, taken from Instagram and set at various locations across London, and we would have to recreate the photograph at the same location. You can see how well we did or did not do by reading my post. […]


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