5 Life Lessons Learnt from Blair Waldorf

As some of you may know, I recently re-watched the entire six seasons of Gossip Girl. I definitely agree that you can learn something new from the show every time you re-watch it and depending on how old you are when you do so, depends on what lessons you take away. When I first watched the show when I was a teenager I definitely related to Serena more, but having re-watched the show as an adult I definitely find myself relating more to Blair. Blair is beautiful, smart and independent and I think everyone can learn at least one thing from here. Here are 5 lessons I have learnt from Blair Waldorf.


Whilst Serena seemingly managed to get everything she wanted with minimal effort, Blair had to work in order to get what she wanted and I believe that this is more representative of real life. After all, we cannot all live in New York City and be an ‘It Girl.’ As someone once said, you miss all the shots you never take.

A good example of this is when Blair takes over her Mum’s million-dollar fashion company and their first fashion show is a disaster. Blair is determined to not let her Mum down and to be a success and ultimately gains the Fashion World’s approval when her first line is released.


It is a well-known fact that Blair was the Queen Bee of Constance, the High School that all the main female characters attended. However, when she graduates and starts to attend NYU, she finds herself feeling isolated and without purpose. It is only when she meets two girls who attend Columbia University that she begins to find like-minded people and feel like she fits in again. College is often exaggerated in the media to be the best years of you life, when in fact, it is often only when people graduate and start working full-time that they really find their place and purpose.


Blair was mainly raised by Dakota, the family housekeeper, since her Mum was busy running a million-dollar fashion company and her Dad lived in Paris with his fiancé. Her best friends became more like family than her actual family at times, especially Serena, who was like a sister to Blair throughout the show, although they did have their ups and downs like any siblings would.


Blair and Chuck (Chair) is one of the main love stories featured on Gossip Girl. They are both ambitious people and the struggle between them to be both successful and be together is often commented on throughout the series. They actually end up taking a break to focus on their individual careers but ultimately, they both end up successful and together, showing that you can be successful and be in love. Love does not have to stop you getting what you want.


Blair definitely displays a range of emotions throughout the series. One of her lowest moments actually occurs during College, which are supposedly meant to be the best years of her life. She manages to pull through though and ultimately both happy and successful, showing that it does get better eventually.

Who inspires you?

Photo by Zach Miles on Unsplash


  1. I only watched a few episodes but you make me want to start watching it again!! The collage one is so relatable to me. Everybody keeps saying that these years are your best ones and I feel this adds so much pressure to them xx

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    • I would recommend although I know it takes a while as there are six seasons. Definitely watch the first two seasons. I agree – I dont regret University but I definitely think my best years are to come. xx

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    • I saw myself more in Serena as a teenager but the person I would like to be, especially in the latter series, is Blair as she seems so much more mature and in charge of her emotions.

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  2. Brilliant messages to take away from a show. I’ve never seen Gossip Girl but I’m certainly tempted now. I like the thought that college doesn’t have to be the best years of your life. It feels like everyone is always saying you have to make the most of those years because they’ll be your favourite, but what about the rest of your life?! Great post Hannah!

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  3. Oh my gosh I flippin loved this post!! Blair was always my fave character because of her work ethic and sarcastic attitude. I’m on episode 9 of season 6 and I’m so sad I’ve nearly finished gossip girl 😭 xx

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    • I would recommend if you are a fan of shows like Made in Chelsea and 90210. Even if you haven’t watched the show I think you can still learn from her. xx


  4. Guurl, I literally had an idea for a very similar post scheduled in my agenda hahah! I guess love for the Gossip Girl is strong here LOL. I loved Serena in the show, but Blair’s personality and life seemed much more complex. I loved her determination and confidence in herself. I have actually been thinking of rewatching the show myself haha

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    • Haha great minds think alike! I was inspired by a recent post on Girls In Work about Meghan Markle and also the fact that I was rewatching Gossip Girl helped. I totally agree – I think Blair was always the more mature character but Serena was the more interesting one. x

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    • I would recommend watching as I adore the show but I know it’s a lot with 6 seasons. I think it’s similar to the Office for me where I know most of the characters through social media but have never watched the show. The fashion throughout the show is incredible and I love how they incorporate so many fashion icons and designers into the show to make it seem more realistic. xx


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