Inspired by Hannah Dains

If you live in England then you would have noticed the sudden increase in warm weather recently. Whilst I adore the warm weather because I am tired of wearing a coat every time I need to run an errand, with the warm weather also comes my final year exams. Personally I find that whenever I get stressed or anxious, my mental health gets increasingly worse. Some things that I find helpful whenever I feel particularly stressed or anxious are motivational YouTube videos including TedTalks and Button Poetry.

One video that particularly resonated with me is Hannah Dains’ Don’t Kill Yourself Today. I admired her lighthearted take on such a serious topic and it inspired me to write a similar list. So inspired by her video, here are my 50 reasons not to kill yourself today. I hope that none of you reading this will ever need this list, but in case you ever do, here it is.

  1. You haven’t finished that expensive shampoo
  2. You haven’t used that roll of film your Granddad gave you
  3. You haven’t learnt how to use the manual settings on your camera
  4. You haven’t visited Disneyland, California
  5. You haven’t been skydiving
  6. You haven’t climbed a green route at the climbing centre
  7. You haven’t lived with your best friend
  8. You haven’t met Liv Vargus
  9. You haven’t read every Sarah Dessen book
  10. You haven’t tasted every Starbucks drink ever created
  11. You haven’t seen Demi Lovato in concert
  12. You haven’t perfected your chocolate chip cookie recipe
  13. You haven’t attended Summer In The City
  14. You haven’t learnt how to walk in heels
  15. You haven’t met your Internet Best Friend
  16. You haven’t taught your best friend how to love herself
  17. You haven’t had a child
  18. You haven’t learnt how to make the Starbucks Caramel Macchiato at home
  19. You haven’t found a red lipstick that suits you
  20. You haven’t seen your little brother get married
  21. You haven’t visited all five continents
  22. You haven’t learn how to make your favourite cocktail
  23. You haven’t learnt how to play guitar
  24. You haven’t mastered calligraphy
  25. You haven’t hugged Monica Church
  26. You haven’t swam in every ocean
  27. You haven’t taken a kickboxing class
  28. You haven’t attended a scavenger hunt
  29. You haven’t been to a drive-in movie
  30. You haven’t donated blood
  31. You haven’t seen every Nicholas Sparks’ movie
  32. You haven’t attended a yoga class
  33. You haven’t mastered a smoky eye
  34. You haven’t found your signature scent
  35. You haven’t dyed your hair rainbow
  36. You haven’t found the perfect little black dress
  37. You haven’t gone viral
  38. You haven’t seen your parents retire
  39. You haven’t been on a fitness retreat
  40. You haven’t worked out in brightly coloured leggings
  41. You haven’t seen it snow on Christmas Day
  42. You haven’t watched every Netflix Original Show
  43. You haven’t been on an American Road Trip
  44. You haven’t had your own puppy
  45. You haven’t finished the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge
  46. You haven’t learn how to French Plait your hair
  47. You haven’t watched all the Friends episodes in order
  48. You haven’t found the perfect waterproof mascara
  49. You haven’t found a pair of skinny ripped jeans that you love
  50. Because I will keep coming up with more reasons until you no longer need me to tell them to you

If you are having a hard time, please do ask for the help you deserve. Don’t suffer in silence. In the UK you can call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90. There are also countless websites offering advice and support no matter where you are in the world. My messages on Instagram or Twitter are always open if you need to talk.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


    • Thank you! I was actually very hesitant before posting this because I worried it was like a bucket list – I didn’t want someone to take it as a list of things to do before they are ‘allowed’ to kill themselves. Some of the items of the list I purposefully tried to make unachievable to prevent this but definitely some of the things on the list I do want to achieve before I die. xx

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