Spring Cleaning – Tips to Spring Clean Your Mind

Welcome to the third and final post in my mini Spring Cleaning series. Check out the first and second posts if you have not already. I have already covered both physical and digital spring cleaning and therefore the only category left is mental spring cleaning. Personally, this consists of a balance of letting go and picking up new habits and people with whom I surround myself.

Let go of past regrets

I am guilty of feeling regret over things I have said and done in the past. Most of the time, I have no reason to feel regret or anxious as I have done nothing wrong and if I have, then I have most likely apologized. Spring is the time to stop feeling regret and anxious over the past and start focusing on how I will avoid making the same mistakes again.

Let go of toxic friendships

We all have had that friend at some point in our lives – the one who is constantly making us feel bad about ourselves or only seems to message us when they are in need. These are not true friendships – friendships should be two-sided where each person gives as much to the friendship as they take. Spring is the perfect time to start distancing yourself from them, ready for the summer when you either break up for the holidays as have no need to see them on a regular basis or when you are busier as the weather improves.

Start challenging negative thoughts

It is incredible the influence thoughts can have on your mood. Instead of accepting negative thoughts as truth, start challenging them. Just because you think something, does not make it automatically true.

Start putting your energy into true friendships

Now you have relieved yourself of toxic friendships, you have more energy to put into true friendships with people who have been there for both the ups and the downs. With longer and warmer days coming, this means you have more time to see them outside of work or class.

Start taking care of yourself

Whenever I get stressed or anxious, I find that I stop taking as good care of myself. This is not just about taking scented baths or lighting candles, but about making sure you are taking your vitamins daily and eating a balanced diet. It is about making that Doctor’s appointment you have been putting off for weeks and taking time to hang out with friends.

What are you most excited for in Summer?


  1. Oh wow, I absolutely love this list. I adore the fact that it’s not your regular spring clean list, you know with like clean out ya closet, but instead it’s clean out your mind ❤ I am really enjoying your blog so far <33

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  2. YEEEESSSSSSSS HANNAH THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ. lol, don’t mind my excitement. The part about cutting out toxic relationships and focussing your energy on relationships worthy of your time? – GOLDEN. I can’t tell you how many times I have chosen to keep the wrong people in my life even though I knew they weren’t good for me. xx

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    • This comment has literally made my day, thank you! I hear you, I do exactly the same thing. I like to believe people can change but sometimes they need time and distance to do this away from you. xx

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  3. Great post! I see spring as kind of a new beginning. I think it’s very important to take a step back and realize what has been affecting us negatively and then taking action to fix it. Letting go of people, managing my thoughts and focusing on myself is very crucial xo

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    • Thank you! I do too and I totally understand how hard it is to let go of someone, but hopefully with practice and slowly distancing yourself, it will get easier. xx


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