Advice From Different Ages

I was talking to a friend the other day about how the advice we would give our younger selves has changed over the years as we have gotten older and wiser. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to ask people of different ages what advice they would give their younger self to see how they differed.

Age 18

Stop stressing! Have a little faith in yourself and the people around you, they will be there if something goes wrong but for God’s sake please take a chance on yourself. A ship in its harbour is safe but that’s not what ships are made for. – Ymke

Stand up for yourself; don’t let others choose your path in life. Be true to yourself and live your life the way you want to. – Chloe

Age 19

Don’t care about what other people think of you and don’t let their opinions bother you. – Bri

Take every day as it comes and don’t focus too much on the future. The future is important but forgetting about the present won’t get the future you necessarily want or deserve. Focus on the revision rather than worrying about the exam results which are six months away. – Sophie

Age 20

Do the things you love and don’t be scared to try anything new. Hobbies are great as they can be things that keep you going when times get tough and getting into a routine means you don’t stop doing them so there’s always something to keep you going even if it’s something small. Take opportunities to find new friends and experiences and find out new things you love – what are you going to lose by trying? – Anna

Never be ashamed to be yourself and never be ashamed of your dreams. – Ashley

Say yes to things – stop thinking of reasons not to do things instead of reasons to. Better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven’t. – Grace

Age 21

It’s okay to be a work in progress. Stop comparing someone’s finished product to your work in progress. – Hannah

It’s okay to open up to people and be honest about yourself. – David

Age 22

Find a Church straight away when starting University and try to read a few chapters of the Bible a night. – Ffion

Age 23

Someone is always going to talk bad about you so don’t be afraid to do what you want. – Phoebe

Age 24

Listen to your heart. If you want to do something, do it. If your heart says no, listen to it. – Neeja

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed! If you haven’t already, comment below how old you are and what advice you would give your younger self.


  1. This is SUCH a brilliant post idea! I’m 18 and just a year ago I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. I think my advice to my younger self would be that it’s okay not to have everything figured out. It’s a process and you’ll get there in the end.

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    • Thank you! I totally agree – I actually completely changed my University application a week before it was due to apply for a different course so I know what it’s like not to have your life figured out when you’re 18. xx

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  2. Love this! I would tell my 18-20 year old self to be more confident and not be scared of experimenting with fashion. Also, I would tell myself to get out there, have fun and enjoy the years of not having many resposibilities because they pass too fast. Btw, I followed your blog!

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  3. I love this post, and not just because I’m in it hahahah! But honestly, this is all such good advice and I think I’m definitely going to come back to this post whenever I need a lil bit of a pick me up! xx

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  4. I love this blog post Hannah! Not only is the advice good but it shows that the people you’ve asked have learnt from something in the past, either something that hurt them or they struggled with. SO good to see people grow and develop! 🙂 Xo

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  5. This is such a great idea to do!
    I’m 22 right now and I would say, don’t be scared to say your own oppinion even if your friends don’t agree.
    You can’t please everyone all the time. You have to stand up for yourself in order to find your true self and not to loose your caracter because of others.

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