Piercing My Helix and Dyeing My Hair Purple

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled ’22 Things to Do Before 22’ listing 22 things I want to do before I turn 22 next January. Two of the items on the list were to get a second helix piercing and to dip-dye my hair purple, both of which I did last Saturday.

I got my second helix piercing done at Metal Morphosis on Oxford Street. I had previously gotten my first helix piercing done there and was so impressed at how friendly and helpful the staff were, so I knew I had to return there to get my second helix piercing done. I wanted both helix piercings on the same ear and the lady was more than happy to draw several dots on my ear until I was happy with the exact location of the piercing. I wanted to make sure that the piercings were far enough apart that I was able to place a bulky stud in both holes and the lady was more than happy to offer advice to ensure this. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I would recommend them.

To dip-dye my hair purple, I used the Bleach London Super Cool Colours Dye in Violet Skies. I have previously used the Rose hair dye from Bleach London to dip-dye my hair and loved it but wanted to try a new colour this time. The Violet Skies came out more lavender than violet in my hair but the end colour does depend on your hair type and colour.

The instructions on the bottle say to wash your hair with shampoo as normal and then apply the hair dye using rubber gloves to towel dried hair. I personally found the term ‘towel dried hair’ difficult to understand but after some research I found out that the hair should be 90% dry. For me, this meant leaving my hair to air-dry for about an hour before applying the hair dye. The instructions said to leave on for 15 minutes and rinse out with lukewarm water – I left the hair dye on for 45-60 minutes and rinsed out with cold water as I find this preserves the colour better. With the Rose hair dye, I found the main colour washed out after 2 washes but strands of hair remained pink for a few weeks. I do find that the hair dye comes out a bit patchy where it sticks to some strands of hair more than others, so if you have any alternative semi-permanent hair dye recommendations or know how to avoid this, please leave a comment down below.


    • Thank you! It was worse than my lobe piercing but it was over so quickly I didn’t really register the pain as much. It was more the heat and ache throughout the day than the initial pain that annoyed me. xx


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