My Tattoo

Recently Chloe did a blog post about her tattoos and it inspired me to write a blog post about my tattoo since I have never talked about it on my blog before.

I only have one tattoo at the moment but I am not opposed to getting more, as long as they have personal significance. I got this tattoo when I was 18 years old, which in the UK is the youngest age at which you can have a tattoo, regardless of parental consent. I got the tattoo on my left wrist which, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain imaginable, was about a 3. It cost me £70 but I did get it done in central London where I would expect it to be on the pricier side.

I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while and knew that I wanted an arrow tattoo but it was only off an adrenaline high from getting my helix pierced that I finally got the courage and the opportunity to get it done. I picked the tattoo parlour based off the location, the reviews and the price. Since I was only getting an arrow, I was not too fussed about the skill of the tattoo artist, which probably was not the best decision although it turned out alright for me. If your desired tattoo is more intricate, I would definitely recommend doing your research beforehand, most tattoo artists have websites or Instagram accounts to showcase their work now.

The arrow is on my left wrist because that is the wrist on which I used to self-harm since I am right-handed. The tattoo is actually on my forearm rather than my wrist because I have a low pain threshold and the artist informed me that it would hurt less on my forearm. I decided to get an arrow tattoo because I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that life is like an arrow – sometimes it will pull you back so that it can shoot your forwards.

I am incredibly happy with how my tattoo turned out and do not regret getting it done. Even though it is in a seemingly obvious place, it is surprising how many people take weeks, even months, to notice the tattoo and it is slim enough that it can be covered with a watch strap or bracelet if need-be.

Comment below if you have any tattoos or what tattoo you would like to get!


  1. I really like the simplicity of your tattoo! My fiancé has a whole sleeve but I don’t have any.😊 —

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  2. I have a tattoo too and published an article with similar thoughts! It is a very happy feelinh to find someone with a similar mentality! More power to you! 😀

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