Inspired by Alisha Marie – How To Dress Like Alisha Marie For Less

I was going through Alisha Marie’s Instagram the other day and admiring her fashion, thinking about how annoying it is that I cannot purchase many of the items of clothing she wears because they are either only available in America or are too expensive for a student like me to justify. Therefore, I thought I would see if I could find cheaper alternatives from UK stores to 5 outfits that she has worn on Instagram.

Outfit 1: 

Lilac Lace Bardot Top – £25 – Miss Selfridge

High Rise Denim Shorts – £19 – Forever 21

Outfit 2:

Tori Mom Jeans – £25.99 – New Look

Blue Corduroy Jacket – £50 – Urban Outfitters

White Trainers – £14.99 – H&M

Outfit 3:

Pink Boucle Cocoon Coat – £54.99 – New Look

Blue Denim Button Front A-Line Skirt – £19.99 – New Look

Outfit 4:

Blue Light Wash Denim Jacket – £25.99 – New Look

Drama Queen Slogan T-Shirt – £16.99 – Topshop

Pink Suedette A-Line Mini Skirt – £19.99 – New Look

Outfit 5: 

Striped Wrap Sundress – £22.00 – Topshop

Pink Retro Sunglasses – £8.99 – New Look

Comment below who I should do a style inspiration post for next!


    • Thank you! It took me about an hour because I tried using different websites but in the end I settle on 5 – New Look, F21, H&M, Topshop and Miss Selfridge and just found the one that looked the most similar. I am definitely planning a trip to New Look as a result of this post. xx

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  1. I’m so annoyed when my favourite fashion bloggers wear expensive items. I mean, I love their style and they inspire me so much, but I wish sometimes they were also sharing ideas for their lower-budget followers. Loved this post!

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    • Same! And also because I live in the UK and most of the people I watch are Americans, it’s so frustrating because often the item isn’t available in the UK. Definitely planning a trip to New Look to up my Alisha-inspired wardrobe!!! xx


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