Galentine’s Day Date Ideas

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day since I have never had a significant other with whom to celebrate the day with. When I was younger, my Dad used to buy my Mum, my sister and I flowers and chocolate but it was never quite the same. However, this changed a few years ago when I discovered Galentine’s Day. For those of who you are not aware, Galentine’s Day is a holiday that falls on the 13th of February when you celebrate the love you have for your best girl friends. It was originally started in 2010 by the TV show Parks & Recs, but has not become a well-known holiday. Here are 5 date ideas to celebrate the day.

Have a Picnic in the Park

I am a huge fan of picnics in the summer – I love making myself a packed lunch and heading to the park with friends or with my dog and a good book for a few hours. However since it is currently winter in England, this will probably be a picnic in the living room for me. Every person chooses one or two food items to bring, which can be homemade or shop-bought. This ensures that there is something for everyone and helps to keep the cost down. Just remember to bring cups, plates and cutlery!

Go Out for Dinner

Dinner dates do not have to be exclusive to Valentine’s Day. Dress up in your favourite little black dress, put on the make-up that makes you feel like a girl boss and go out to eat in your favourite restaurant. Last year, my best friend Grace and I went out to eat at GBK and had our own date night. You are guaranteed good food and good company and you can order that extra pudding because you know your best friend will never judge you!

Have a Movie Night 

Spend the evening binge-watching your favourite movies. Whether that’s a rom-com such as Love Rosie or guilty pleasures such as High School Musical or Camp Rock, curl up with blankets and enjoy. Snacks are of course a must – I personally love to have microwave salted popcorn with chocolate M&Ms when I watch movies (comment below if you know which movie this is from) but any snacks are welcome. A fort is optional but recommended.

Watch the Sunset

If you’re from a City, this might be slightly harder to do but one of my favourite things to do is to sit and watch the sunset. I’m fortunate enough that I love on a hill so I can watch the sun set over the neighbouring town quite easily, but if not, you can always walk or drive to somewhere where you can. You can dress this up as little or as much as you like, wearing either pyjamas or your favourite dress, drinking diet coke or prosecco (as long as you are legal) and eating popcorn or chocolate-covered strawberries.

Have a Pizza Making Party

For my birthday a few years ago, I had all my closest friends over to my house and we made pizzas together. We bought pre-made pizza bases from the supermarket but you can also make the bases from scratch. Making pizzas yourself ensures that you get delicious pizzas to enjoy, is a lot of fun, is cheaper than ordering in and means that there are no fights over what pizza toppings to order. There is always that one person that wants to order pineapple on their pizza…

Comment below what your plans are for Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day!


  1. Love the ideas ! Galentine’s is a new concept to me. This year I won’t be celebrating as I celebrate love all year round 🙂

    Make sure to check out my latest post : and to leave a comment so I know what you think xx

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