21 Things I Learnt In 21 Years

When you are reading this, I will be 21 years old. I will be 3 years into adulthood and finally able to consume alcohol in every country in the world. Over the course of my lifetime, I would like to think I have learnt a few things, so I decided to list 21 of the most important lessons I have learnt over the past 21 years.


1. Travel changes the way you see the world. You never return from travelling the same person that you were when you left and that’s okay.
2. True friends will be honest with you, no matter how hard it is to hear at the time.
3. You cannot ignore your mental health.
4. FOMO may be a real feeling but it doesn’t always mean that you are missing out. Stop thinking that there is something better and start being more in the present.
5. People cannot read your mind. You have to be vocal about what you want and how you are feeling.
6. Sexual assault is never your fault, no matter what you said, did or wore.
7. It’s okay to not like clubbing.
8. Friendship is a two way street – if someone isn’t making an effort, sometimes it’s better to let them drift away.
9. Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes.
10. Journaling every day is the best way to understand your mind.
11. Healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle, not a phase.
12. You are your own brand. The type of person you are will stand out more than how good you are at your job.
13. A negative mind-set will never give you a positive life.
14. It’s never too late to start. One step in the right direction is better than standing still.
15. There is no age when you start feeling like an adult.
16. Do not compare your blooper reel to someone else’s highlights.
17. Numbers will never give you satisfaction. It’s more important to make real life connections.
18. Music is the best way to turn a bad day around.
19. You will fail but it’s more about what you learnt from the experience.
20. Trust your gut, not your mind.
21. You will never be good enough for everyone, but whether you’re good enough for yourself is what’s important.

Comment below when your birthday is and how old you will be turning!


  1. Happy birthday! Definitely agree with the first one – about travelling! Hoping to travel way more this year because I’m finally able to do it independently ! 🙂 Also I can relate to a lot of these I think they can relate to anyone to be honest – any age. We never stop learning and growing! Love posts like these! ❤

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  2. These are such wonderful lessons! Thank you for sharing them with us and I hope you have a wonderful birthday 🙂 The one about friendship couldn’t be more true, if someone is not putting in the same effort as you are then it is a good sign that it may be time to move on! xox

    Liked by 1 person

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