My Favourite Vlogmas and Blogmas 2017

First of all, Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you have all had an incredible December so far and feel prepared for the big day tomorrow. Since tomorrow is Christmas Day, I decided to upload this post a day earlier.

As tomorrow marks the official last day of Vlogmas and Blogmas, I thought I would list my favourite YouTubers and Bloggers who have completed it this year. I honestly have so much respect for anyone who has done either, because I cannot imagine how stressful it must have been to come up with and upload 25 consecutive posts. Congratulations to all that have completed either and enjoy your well-deserved rest!


Alisha Marie is a lifestyle YouTuber who has a vlog channel where she uploads almost daily vlogs throughout the year. She is probably best known for her Vlogmas though because of her intros. They are so extra but one cannot help but love them! They normally involve her cute dog, Chloe, messing up her Christmas decorations in some way. Go check them out this year’s intro here.

Michelle Reed is a lifestyle YouTuber who also has a vlog channel where she uploads vlogs about her life in college in NYC. This is the third year she has done Vlogmas. How she manages to vlog and upload on a daily basis alongside studying for finals I will never know!

Niki De Mar
Niki is one half of Niki and Gabi who have a channel together where they produce lifestyle and music videos on a weekly basis. Niki De Mar is Niki’s channel where she uploads vlogs as well as videos she has produced on her own without her twin sister.

Morgan Yates Vlogs
Morgan Yates is a lifestyle YouTuber who has a vlog channel. In the summer she graduated from college so is currently in the midst of sorting out all her belongings and finding an apartment in LA. Her personality really comes through her in vlogs which I adore because I feel like sometimes people edit their vlogs so much you don’t really see their personality.

The Mandeville Sisters, Amelia and Grace, have a main channel where they upload comedy skits and weekly vlogs, but they also have a vlog channel where they take it in turns to upload a daily vlog. The sisters are very different in terms of personality and styles so it’s interesting to watch as they both have very different vlogging styles.


Grace is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who normally uploads on a weekly basis, except for Blogmas. She is a self-proclaimed Christmas fanatic and also my best friend. She is the reason that I started blogging so I am very appreciative of all her help. My favourite posts of hers are her London adventures, normally because it’s nice to read about the event from someone else’s point of view.

Sophie Harris
Sophie is a UK based vegan lifestyle blogger who loves classic history, dogs and food, or at least according to her twitter bio she is. What I love about Sophie is that she writes about current controversial issues such as veganism, dealing with mental health issues and sexual assault.

Sage Olivia
Sage is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who lives in California. I’ve previously written about her before where I expressed my love for her travel posts over the summer, but she is currently back at college so her posts are now about her life at college as well as her experience of living in California.

Don’t Give A Jam
Jamie is a lifestyle blogger and is honestly one of my favourite bloggers because of how much her personality shows through her posts. I feel like I know her on a personal level. She is a keen Netflix watcher and pizza lover, which I feel like everyone can relate to. My favourite posts of hers are her Coffee Talk blog posts.

Belle is a lifestyle blogger who is another of my favourite bloggers because of how honest she is through her posts and how she always takes the time to reply to her comments. She has recently made the move home to Ireland after travelling for a while and so is getting accustomed to living back at home again.

Comment below any Vloggers or Bloggers I have missed that I should check out!


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