Best Friend vs Best Friend Challenge

All over YouTube I have seen this challenge where usually a combination of significant other, best friend or sibling is put head to head to see who truly knows the person better. Today I decided to put my two best friends head to head to see who truly knows me better. I have known Anna for 9 years and Grace for 4 years so Anna has known me for longer but I spend more time with Grace now due to distance. I chose 15 questions from the tag, trying to pick a mixture of questions from now and then to give them both an equal chance.

1. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
Grace: 18/19, your first year of University
Anna: 15
Answer: 18

2. What’s my usual Starbucks order?
Grace: Caramel Macchiato
Anna: Whatever’s on as a special drink
Answer: Caramel Macchiato

3. What’s the name of the person I went on my first date with?
Grace: Johnathon
Anna: David
Answer: Jonathan

4. What was my first pet’s name?
Grace: Mungo
Anna: Mungo
Answer: Spot (I was 7!)

5. How many times have I broken a bone?
Grace: 0
Anna: 0
Answer: 0

6. What shoe size do I wear?
Grace: 5
Anna: 5
Answer: 5/6

7. What’s my favourite board game?
Grace: On the Underground
Anna: Monopoly
Answer: The London Game

8. What app do I use the most?
Grace: Twitter
Anna: Twitter
Answer: Twitter

9. What was my favourite subject in high school?
Grace: Biology
Anna: Biology
Answer: Biology

10. Who was the first YouTuber I watched?
Grace: Musical Bethan
Anna: Bethan Leadley
Answer: Bethan Leadley/Musicalbethan

11. What is my favourite song at the moment?
Grace: Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna
Anna: Through The Dark by One Direction
Answer: Only You by Sarah Close

12. Who was my first celebrity crush?
Grace: Zac Efron
Anna: Tommy Knight
Answer: Tommy Knight

13. How many children do I plan on having?
Grace: 2
Anna: 3
Answer: 2

14. What was my first concert?
Grace: Take That
Anna: Taylor Swift
Answer: Taylor Swift

15. If I could be famous, what would I want to be famous for?
Grace: Job: Blogger/Photography, Personality Trait: Kindness
Anna: Something you contribute to society for or your blog/photography
Answer: Photographer/Videographer or for doing something good

Final Results:
Grace: 11
Anna: 8

I’m actually really impressed at how well they both know me – if the situation was reversed, I’m not sure I would have scored as high as they did. So fortunate to have two best friends who actually pay attention when I talk!!!

Comment below what was your first concert and if you would be interested in seeing a part 2, maybe with one of my siblings!


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