My Senior Year Bucket List

I realised the other day that I only have one more year left of University. As in, I will graduate at the end of this year and have to get a full-time job! *internally screams*

As it’s my final year, I thought I would write a list of 15 things I want to do before I graduate. I was inspired by Shelby’s senior year bucket list.

  1. Join a sports club
  2. Have a flat night with my two new flatmates
  3. Work out 3 times a week minimum
  4. Learn 3 new recipes
  5. Read Brukner and Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine from front to back
  6. Get a First in a Placement
  7. Blog at least once a week
  8. Visit at least 3 new places outside of London
  9. Visit all 10 of the places on my Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Food Places in London
  10. Buy my University’s merchandise
  11. Visit a friend at their University
  12. Complete a FutureLearn Course
  13. Cook a 3 course meal for someone else
  14. Apply to write for the Tab and (hopefully) write at least one article
  15. Graduate!

Comment below if you have a senior year bucket list and any items that are on your bucket list. 


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