Liebster Award – August 2017

Thanks to Jamie and Grace for the nominations and I apologise for how long it has taken me to finally write this blog post! I love this Award because it gives you guys a chance to get to know me better. I actually realised today that I have never done a Q+A or any sort of ‘Get To Know Me’ blog post before so I thought today was the perfect time to post this!


  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers who deserve the award, making sure to tell them why!
  • Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer

Questions from Grace:

  1. What are your blogging goals for the next year? I would like to be able to post more frequently, as at the moment I am only posting once a week, although during the next few weeks I am going to trial posting twice a week.
  2. Sweet or Savoury? Sweet duh!
  3. Which blog post are you most proud of? Probably my ‘first’ blog post, An Apology – I love the way it is written.
  4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? At the moment, probably somewhere beside the sea, like Bournemouth or Brighton. There’s just something so calming about the sea.
  5. If your blog was a different subject from the one you post about, what would it be? I wouldn’t say that my blog has a definite subject as it’s a little bit of everything at the moment, but I would love to post more about Photography and Fashion.
  6. What is your favourite shop? At the moment, it’s New Look.
  7. If you had to change your blog name, what would you change it to? A Creative Mess because that sums me up!
  8. Do you have any pets? I have a dog called Mungo who is a mix of Springer Spaniel and Jack Russell.
  9. If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be and why? Rowan Blanchard – she seems very wise for her years and I think I could learn a lot from her.
  10. Favourite Snapchat filter? I don’t have snapchat anymore but it used to be the puppy filter.
  11. What is your favourite make-up brand? Sleek

Questions from Jamie:

  1. What is your third favourite colour? Pastel blue
  2. Nacho cheese or cool ranch Doritos? Cool Ranch
  3. Do you like to watch sports or play them? Play them
  4. What is your favourite song right now? Truthfully by DNCE
  5. What are your thoughts on fidget spinners? Too mainstream
  6. What’s your favourite pizza topping? Ah see I’m a margarita girl!
  7. What side of the bed do you sleep on? The left
  8. Are you team pizza or team burrito? Team Pizza!!!
  9. Do you have any weird habits? I don’t think so…
  10. Is butter a carb? No…
  11. How is your week going? Productively for some reason… I’m never usually this productive!

My Questions:

  1. Favourite Starbucks drink?
  2. Tea or Coffee?
  3. What are your thoughts on Polaroid Cameras?
  4. Early morning or late night?
  5. Do you have any cuddly toys?
  6. Favourite item of clothing you own?
  7. If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who would you swap with and why?
  8. Instagram Stories or Snapchat?
  9. If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?
  10. First Celebrity Crush?
  11. Cake or Cookie?

I’m going to nominate the 5 blogs I have been loving the most recently. They all promote positivity through their blog posts and genuinely make me smile every time I read them. Please do take the time to check out their blogs if you haven’t already!



The Obsession Begins

Out N’ About

Ella May Garrett

Comment below whether you are team pizza or team burrito!



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