Being a Capricorn

It is believed that the position of the Earth when you’re born, influences your personality. There are common characteristics associated with being born at a certain time that everyone born within that time period seems to share.

I personally do not take Zodiac Signs seriously but I thought it would be interesting to see how much of a Capricorn I am using supposed common traits that all Capricorns share.

Best Qualities: 

Honesty – I would consider myself an honest person. I have been told that sometimes I need to think before I speak because often I will say the first thing that comes to mind when it would be nicer to tell a little white lie.

Family-Minded – My immediate family are very important to me and I care about them a lot. However, I am a firm believer that water is more necessary to survival than blood. My ‘family’ is made up of those people who have been through the good and bad times with me, whether they are related to me by blood or not.

Fearless – I am definitely not fearless. I may have different fears to people, meaning that I am able to get rid of that spider lurking in the bathroom or climb a tree without a second glance, but I still have my own fears which I battle with on a daily basis.

Worst Qualities:

Pessimistic – I would say I’m more of a realist than a pessimist. I don’t like to be given false hope or to give it to others. I would much rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.

Materialistic – I have a lot of belongings, that is for sure. They remind me of my success and represent my journey. However, I am slowly beginning to reduce the number of items I own and find happiness in experience and memories rather than belongings.

Unforgiving – I would like to say this is not me, but it is perhaps one of my greatest weaknesses that I tend to hold grudges for a prolonged period of time. I find it hard to let go.

In conclusion, I would say that whilst I do have certain traits of a Capricorn, it does not entirely sum me up as a person. I am much more than a Capricorn, just like I am much more than a daughter, a sister and a student.

Let me know down below what star sign you are and what traits you have/don’t have that are common among your star sign.

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