An Apology 

I have been in a creative slump recently. Whether it’s my Instagram, my scrapbook or this blog, I can’t seem to find the creative spark that I once had. I don’t know whether it’s because 2016 took so much out of me physically and mentally, like it did most of us, or whether it’s because I’ve been so busy these past few months with exams and placement, but I can’t seem to create like I once did. 

And it’s not just me feeling this way. There have been countless YouTube videos and blog posts on how there seems to be a lack of creativity in the world at the moment. But yet despite all this, no one seems to know how to get out of this slump. It’s like an endless cycle and it’s driving me crazy because anyone who knows me will know that creating is my happiness whether it’s writing, photography or filmography.

So here’s an apology for letting myself get stuck in this cycle and letting it consume me. The truth is that there is inspiration everywhere and all you need is a spark. So this is me, finding my spark and hoping it turns into a fire.


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